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Material Solutions for Clean Energy
Separation Technology for Water and Chemicals
Separation technologies recover, isolate, and purify products in many industrial processes. Membrane separation can
dramatically reduce energy use and costs and simplify separation process compared with conventional energy intensive
technologies. Separation membranes developed by Novoreach are
novel inorganic material based membranes with
well-defined nanosized pores and fabricated using eco-friendly manufacturing processes adaptable to various

membrane and system designs.

Novoreach separation membranes offer a number of advantages:
  • High selectivity and permeability
  • Cost-effective and process adaptive
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Low fouling and robust
  • Stable at high temperatures

Novoreach membranes offer innovative separation solutions to many applications:
  • Organic dehydration
  • Water purification
  • Chemical separation
  • Food and beverage
To produce energy with higher efficiency and reduced environment impacts, high performance materials and parts with
controlled microstructures and properties are often needed. Depending on their function and performance requirements,
these materials and parts can have various degrees of porosity
in their microstructure. Innovative material and coating
technologies developed by Novoreach enable the fabrication of both porous and dense materials and parts
for clean
energy production with improved performance and efficiency.

Main attributes of Novoreach advanced material and coating technologies include:
  • Effective microstructure and porosity design and control
  • Controllable and defined pores in nanometer-micron size range
  • Material densification achieved at low processing temperatures
  • Scalable and economic fabrication processes

Novoreach brings advanced material solutions to many energy applications:
  • Bioenergy production
  • Fuel cell and battery manufacturing
  • Natural gas upgrading
  • Oil and gas
Waste streams generated from many industrial processes have complex compositions containing both inorganic and
organic pollutants. Adsorption is the most favorable method used to remove pollutants due to its high process efficiency,
large adsorption capacity, and low operational cost. Novel adsorbents developed by Novoreach have unique composite
material compositions and are capable of removing both types of pollutants with high
adsorption capacities.

Key advantages of the composite adsorbents developed by Novoreach include:
  • Versatile adsorbents with unique composite material compositions
  • Fast removal of inorganic pollutants with state-of-the-art capacities
  • Highly effective adsorption of common organic pollutants
  • Compact adsorption systems for complex waste streams

Novoreach provides a versatile adsorbent solution to clean environment applications:
  • Industrial waste stream treatment
  • Agricultural pollution control
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
Material Solutions for Clean Environment